Crush Your Internship!

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I kinda wanna sign up for the weekly emails just for the career advice even though I'm not an intern 😅

I wish I had this when I was an intern!

About Brenda Jin

My name is Brenda Jin, and I've taught my mentees professionalism, communication, and leadership. They, in turn, have received incredible job offers and promotions while experiencing personal learning and growth. I can’t wait to show you how to use them on your own, so that you can have a competitive edge for the rest of your career.


Why are you doing this?

I've had lots of help throughout my career from coaches, mentors, and therapists. I've been mentoring as a way to pass these skills on, but I wanted to reach more people than I could 1:1. I want everyone to have access to the skills I developed, so I created this program.

How long does it take to do each activity?

Ideally, less than 10 minutes per activity. However, the other topics will be ones that you'll be able to think about and apply to work for the whole week. Here's an example activity from Week 2.

Is this just for the summer?

No. I'll be extending this program to other semesters, making it customizable, and adding bulk sign ups for managers. Stay tuned!

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